Picture of Low Back Sheepskin Seat Cover

Low Back Sheepskin Seat Cover

Low back Sheepskin Seat Cover pattern fits most Low back seats custom seat covers at shartlesville sheepskin shop
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Colors / and Size chart - Please call or e-mail us if you are unsure of the sizes.


Mushroom, Beige, Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey

**Measure the front surface of seat as shown by arrows with a tape measure and record the inches in the proper place in the form.  Our standard high and low patterns fit most seats.

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Picture of Low back Sheepskin Seat Covers
Low back Sheepskin Seat Covers

Please choose a color below.

Sizes come in 40, and 60

* Please choose a Color
* Choose a size
* Measurement 1 side to side   
* Measurement 2 side to side   
* Measurement 3 top to bottom   
* Measurement 4 top to bottom   
* Measurement 5 side to side   
* Measurement 6 side to side   
* Measurement 7 front to back   
* Measure thickness of the seat   
* Is the seat rest removable

* 2 door or 4 door Vehicle

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